Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's can't-get-any-sleep-time!

You need to be in bed as you have obligations at 7am, but your sleep schedule is so jacked up that you can't sleep right now, so your up and making a long overdue update on your blog.

You're behind on ETC.  You still have three pages of digital work to do, as well as the digital part of the lettering for all 8 pages and the two "news" pages on top of that.  Then you have to update the website files.  All by Thursday.  Fortunately, you have vacation time from the dayjob, so you should be able to get that all done on time.  But it's frustrating to have lost the two week lead time you had with previous updates.  But there is a reason for that. 

You've also been working on the mixes for the debut Nemion album, which is what you spent most of your waking time today doing.  Originally you'd planned to rehearse with T-Bone, but he ended up getting booked up to work security for SxSW.

SxSW.  You can't help but wish you were a part of that somehow.  At least on the inside so that you can promote your own work. It helps to face the reality that you are simply not ready for it.  You need to have the album completed.  You need to have a couple tours under your belt.  You need a fanbase.  The last you are growing to some extent thanks to

While you ate dinner this evening you watched a BBC documentary online about Mobius:

In Search of Moebius - Jean Giraud clip1/3 by foivosloxias

Just about every sci-fi/cyberpunk visual that ever inspired you was either a part of, or derived from, that man's work.  A lot of times without you even being conscious of the connection. You have a copy of Dark Horse Presents somewhere that you picked up years ago that had a very well written and well illustrated story-installment in it that you like a lot that was by Moebius.  Austin Books carries the hardcover of the completed work and you want to get it someday. You recall when seeing Fifth Element in the theatre for the first time, you were actually kind of disappointed by what you then considered to be "cliche" design elements, not realizing that they were done by the same guy who had done all the stuff you thought it was ripping off. 

Still not sleepy.  Maybe you should get an apple out of the fridge and munch on that.

Last night you went to a friend's birthday party.  It was a good one.  Good because you were surrounded by people that liked to discuss things that you find interesting.  And good because you all hold similar, or at least relateable, world views, which is a rarity. 

You have all kinds of ideas in your head.  Bouncing and zipping around.  You need to make a poster for Droid Soldiers to post around town advertising that copies are at Austin Books.  You wonder if doing a traditional serial comic of Enrod The Clockman would be worth the expense of printing, as it's something you want to do in the future.  You need to fix so that people can more easily sign up for the mailing list.  You need to create character profiles for the website.  You need to once again totally revamp the Nemion website and move it onto the EnrodX server.  You need to put a photo gallery up on the website instead of using Facebook all the damn time. You need to earn some money.

On the upside, you got your ancient car to pass inspection.  You'd been tweaking out different things on it all last week trying to get it's exhaust output clean enough to pass.  Part of why you haven't been updating the blog since Staple!. 

Oh damn!  You totally forgot! You got to meet Kevin Eastman, one of the creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  He was the special guest at Staple! and you got to see him speak at his panel, which inspired you to buy the new hardcover collection of the first 7 issues of the original series that he and Peter Laird wrote and drew and have him sign it.  Seeing him speak totally reminded you of how much of a fan you were of that cartoon and the characters overall as a kid, and how much they impacted you and your work.   It seems you'd been actively trying to distance yourself from them in order to keep your work from being seen as similar, which is why you had all but forgotten about what they were to you.  You really geeked out when you got to meet and shake Kevin Eastman's hand as he signed your fresh copy of the hardcover collection.  You almost wanted to cry.  He was gracious enough to receive a copy  of both Tales From Planet Aeruen and Droid Soldiers: Chapter One.  You downed your artwork in TFPA, which was stupid, but you hope he has the time and energy at some point to actually read and get something out of them anyway.  You hope. 

You have a headache.  Goto: Place.Bed;

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