Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonky Days Past

What have you been up to? You've been working non-stop, taking little breaks here and there, enjoying occasions with your Closest. But still you have so much to get done. Your hours have been cut back from your day job, so you've some extra time, and energy, the draw back being now you have less money.

Sunday morning was spent scripting for the current Enrod The Clockman graphic novel, Droid Soldiers ( You've gained a lot of time in these last couple months, but you still need to get further ahead ). Later you came home to find the screen for your DAW to be frozen black. You figured that the monitor had finally died, so you switched it out with one of the spares in your studio junk-pile. Still nothing. Maybe that one was busted too, so you went and got the monitor that you knew was working, the one from your illustration PC, the one you're looking at right now. Still nothing. You tried rebooting your brand spanking new Digital Audio Workstation, and the damn thing wouldn't even reboot. Since you weren't quite ready to freak out you reached around the back of the machine and turned off the power supply directly. It shuts down. You start it up again - hallelujah, it fucking works again. Silly PCs.

For the rest of that afternoon you mixed and recorded and tweaked several tracks for the upcoming Nemion album, Flesheater. By the end of the day you felt sure you'd made some serious progress. You also managed to take time out to complete the coloring on a gift for a relative. You finished your laundry, burned a demo of the album with all the songs in their current states, packed up and went back to your Closest's. Frivolity ensued, though you managed to script for Enrod The Clockman a bit here and there.

There's a third project that you've started, that has a lot of potential, but at this point you aren't going to say anything more about it.

Monday was, well, you're not sure. What happened on Monday? You know you worked your dayjob in the morning, and you were disappointed with the sound of your newest mixes for the songs "Pain of Loss" and "Lost Meat" in the company car stereo system ( however, "Beautiful Something" has finally come alive - just a few more tweaks ) but what else... oh yes, you drew character profiles for ETC ( maybe use them for T-Shirt designs on CafePress? ). You also saw someone get arrested out of their car on your street.

After working Tuesday, you paid your cell phone bill and drew more character profiles. You also began retracking vocals and mixing the song "Open Wrist", a recording you haven't tweaked in four years. When it got dark you left for your Closest's place again to write more ETC script and socialize for maximum affection.

Today was more scripting in the morning ( you're very happy with the latest story ideas you've developed for upcoming installments of the comic ), balancing the finances, an oil change for the vehicle, and mixing and recording "Open Wrist". You just finished up a bit ago with some tweaks on "Lost Meat" and "Pain of Loss". Right now you're feeling good about it. "Flesheater" is going to kick ass. You just got to get it finished by the end of the year. ( T-Bone still needs to lay down bass guitar tracks for "Open Wrist" and "Need". Might need to re-record his parts on "Choke" as well - it's kind of wonky at the moment.)