Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reality Part the First

There seems to be a certain psychological commonality among certain cartoonists - specifically an inclination towards detachment from tangible reality, and withdrawal into the "fictitious" reality that they endeavor to create within their works as cartoonists. Acknowledging this echoes the question, "What is reality?" At this moment it doesn't really appeal to me to attempt to answer. At this moment I am absorbing the reality of the motion-picture adaption of Watchmen, whilst I interact with the tangible to compose this post. Once I have completed this post, I shall re-enter the reality of Enrod The Clockman's homeworld, Planet Aeruen, continuing the completion of the line art for the current 10-page short story that I'm working on. In this reality, the characters whose lives I'm revealing are indeed alive to my mind, they have feelings, histories, ambitions. I know when most were born, and I know when some will die within the history of their world.

More on this when it strikes me, for now I must complete a page, and then re-engage the tangible at a friend's party.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plans and Actions

Well, it's been a little while since the last post. has been up and running for a few months now. Everything that I've ever published in print is now available for free download in .pdf format. I still have the ongoing challenge of balancing production of the comic, promotion ( which I've hardly done any of ), my music project ( which I'm not feeling too confident about these days ), the day job that pays my bills and subsidizes both my comic and my music, keeping up with political and economic goings on, doing what I can to keep my body healthy and fit ( just got back from the gym and am I quite stinky at them moment ), and attempting to enjoy some semblance of a social life ( the purpose of which - as I've been able to identify thus far - is to allow for an avenue of escape from everything else, as well as put me in the circumstances that will enable to me meet women ), all while fighting off the Siren call of my biological clock ( yeah, I'm male, and I'm admitting that I've recently discovered that I have one ). It's also worth mentioning the time I invest in maintaining my relationship with my family ( I still owe both grandmothers art work ) as well as the small, but growing, community of like minded individuals that I associate with ( I guess that could be incorporated under "social life" ).

The things that are on my agenda long term: Droid Soldiers: Planet Aeruen 1.3 ( the third feature length graphic novel that is part of Enrod The Clockman, for which I'm still ironing out the various scenes and subplots, not to mention stringing them all together into one cohesive work while maintaining the continuity of the entire project ); designing 3d models of various cities and building structures from Planet Aeruen ( because drawing and especially designing them and getting the perspectives correct and consistent with just a pencil, ruler, and templates drives me insane ); revamping all my demo recordings for Nemion as part of my plan to actually release an album ( this I have started, I may put out a single with remixes first ); producing a music video for one of the songs; not to mention 10 million other ideas that keep begging me for attention, but the laws of physical reality prevent me from getting to.

At the moment I'm working on File 00050 for; a 10 page short story titled "The Professor & The Bounty Hunter". It will introduce a brand new character as well as include two characters who appeared in print in Tales From Planet Aeruen: Volume One and Guns, Robots, and Talking Animals: Planet Aeruen 1.1. This will be the third short I've done since completing Headhunter: Planet Aeruen 1.2, and once I've done around 5-7 more I plan on putting them in print as Tales From Planet Aeruen: Volume Two. However, since I plan on starting Droid Soldiers next, with the Prologue being File 00051, I'm not sure if I'll be doing additional shorts between chapters of Droid Soldiers or after it has been fully completed.

November 12th-14th, I should be at Yule-con accompanying One-Eyed Doll as their resident artist. I was planning to go to Anime Matsuri, but that turned out to be on the same weekend that I'll be in Hawaii for my brothers wedding ( it's my brothers wedding, and I've never been to Hawaii let alone physically off the US mainland - being on boats in the Gulf of Mexico doesn't count ). Hopefully I'll get my money back for that. Which reminds me that I need to send in my app for a table at STAPLE! 2011. They decided to make it two days this year, which means that table prices have doubled.

And that's all I have time, and energy, for now. I'm going to try to update again in a week.