Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ink Dribbles

It's been an interesting couple of months. You're still here, but you're behind on updating Enrod The Clockman; partly because you spent a week in Hawaii, partly because you spent too much time 3d-modeling the backgrounds in this upcoming update. The day job has been doing a number on you the past week as well, but it looks like things are about to start settling back down now so you won't be so wiped out.

There are some personal matters that are occupying too many of your thoughts. Well, one part of you would rather they occupy all of your thoughts, competing with what does indeed define your existence: your work. That was about the only redeeming thing about the Atlas Shrugged: Part One movie you saw a few days ago - it reminded you of the personal fulfillment that there is to be found in productivity and accomplishment, of endeavoring to create something that is yours while inspiring the lives of others. That's a major part of the goal anyway. Right now there's very little money coming in, and while it's not about the money, money is the most objective form of evidence that one's work is indeed inspiring others, not to mention it would prove extremely useful in freeing up time that you have to sell in order to eat, and have a place to sleep, and store your tools and various creature-comforts.

You're almost done inking the second page in the update, with six more to go. You've got to get them the fuck done by the end of the week. You also need to write checks to a credit card company and your landlord. Which reminds you that in about 3 months you should be able to comfortably update/rebuild your recording studio so that you can get to work on finishing the debut Nemion album. You have such a long way to go with that project. You have to work harder at setting up gigs. You have to work harder at reaching as many people as Nemion gets exposed to.

That one part of you keeps telling you to go kick back with a beer, but that costs more money, and really you're just tired/sleep deprived. But you are awake and you've spent enough time talking to the ether so you should go ahead and post this and get back to inking that page. Now go and do that.

But first post a link to this comic just because it's so incredibly fucked up.