Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thoughts After Yule Con.

Got home about an hour after dawn this morning. I took a few key things out of my car before going right to bed.

Working with people as committed to their art, craft, and business as Kimberly Freeman is something I need more of. It inspires me to be more productive, both in quality and in quantity. There a lot of things in the works now. The prologue for Droid Soldiers: Planet Aeruen 1.3; a long term vision for Enrod The Clockman; more art for One-Eyed Doll; a side project with Arc Attack; and my first prose short story in over a decade which I plan to submit to the Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest.

My music project Nemion is still on the back burner. I've got all the material for a debute album to be edited and recut here and there, and a flood of ideas to make the project cool, but little energy or will to take the time away from cartooning for getting down in the trenches. To be honest I just haven't been feeling it, or my ability to make something people will love, in spite of those who give me so many kind and encouraging words and compliments.

It's frustrating to have so many ideas but not the temporal resources needed to execute them all, or rather the right mindset when the time is available. But that's life.