Sunday, October 21, 2012

You've done you're first press release. Congradulations.

You think everybody who comes across this blog should read it here.

In the last two months you've put out two music videos, and one installment of Droid Soldiers.  You're working on the next installment.  You really need to register for Staple!, but money is very tight right now and you don't know if you'll have it in time to get a table.

Nemion is on the bill for Texas Industrial Fest this year, so you're going to have to start rehearsing again here soon.  Which means getting the studio set up for such, as it's been set up for the above mentioned video shoots. 

The GF is outside enjoying a cigarette.  You wish she would quit.

Anyway, you're working on the next installment of DS while researching how to distribute your press release.  You're contemplating calling the Austin division of the Associated Press, since they only take news tips by phone.  You need to contact the Chronicle, the Statesman, and any other local org.  This is how you let people know about your shit.  It's a dice roll whether or not they pay any attention to you, but it's better than no chance at all if you don't try and contact them.  You used to find these kind of things repulsive, but you've gotten more practical of late and accepted that this is how things get done. 

The GF more than made up for the cigarette.

Back to drawing...or contacting news orgs.